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What is Due Diligence and Applications in Business Scenarios | Legalite Solutions

Due diligence can be applied to a variety of situations, although it is most commonly applied to commercial transactions (mainly mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, project finance, securitization, etc.). The extent of due diligence is often determined by the nature of the prospective transaction. It is not restricted to purchasers; sellers can also do due diligence […]

how to start a transport business in India

How To Start A Transport Business In India?

To begin and maintain a Transportation Business in India, you must first choose the form of transportation, such as personal transport, ambulance service, goods transportation, delivery service, public transportation, and others. Engaging in transportation is simple, but applying for a licence and other documentation to establish a Transportation Business becomes complicated. This article will explain […]

Working Capital

What is Working Capital? A comprehensive guide.

You may not hear the word “working capital” every day, but it might be the secret to your company’s success. Working capital influences many parts of your organization, from paying staff and suppliers to keeping the lights on and preparing for long-term development that is sustainable. Working capital, in a nutshell, is the capital available […]

diamond business registration in India

How to Register your Diamond Trading Business in India?

Diamonds are used widely, from fashion jewelry to medical equipment. A diamond dealer gets their supply by contacting diamond mine owners and further selling these diamonds to retailers or jewelers. You should take the risk factor into account in addition to having extensive knowledge of the diamond market. As diamond dealers, traders, and brokers have […]

Register your online gaming business in India

Register your online gaming business in India

Indian online gaming business is the fastest growing business with massive scope in terms of investment and generation of employment. According to a KPMG report, this industry is expected to generate revenue in excess of Rs 29,000 Crore in 2025 with over 65 Crore users, employ over 70,000 highly qualified technologists and many others indirectly […]


Fast Track Merger

The Court’s involvement in case of merger involved time and money so to promote the Ease of Doing Business significantly Fast Track Merger (“FTM”) was introduced; it was intended not only to reduce the time and money but to boost the operations by significantly reducing the legal aspect of Merger and amalgamation. Section 233 of […]

GST Clarification

GST Clarification Filing

As far as the GST Registration is concerned there are lots of documents which are required to be prepared and attached with the application for GST Registration but in spite of proper due diligence before filing of application we very often hear that application is not approved on ground of lack of information and Documents […]

Change Email and Mobile Number in GST

Change Email and Mobile number under GST

Often been heard that while filing the GST Registration the mobile number and email ID filed along with the application is not which was not intended by owners because of which there may be problem while filing of returns under GST . as witnessed more often that mobile number and email IDs are changed very […]

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