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Copyright Registration

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Copyright Registration – An Overview

Copyright registration is the most vital process the creators must take who want to protect their literary, dramatics, music or artistic works. Movie makers, producers go for the copyright registration usually. Once you get the copyright of any works, you get the complete right to own it. You can reproduce, replicate or can use it as per your desire. If you want to give it to someone else too, you are authorized to do so. Copyright registration can be done by an individual or a business.

To get the legal ownership of the rights from government, copyright registration is must nowadays. You get full command over whatever you have designed or produced.

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Rights of a Copyright Owner

Right of Reproduction

Right of Adaptation

Right to Public Performance

Paternity Rights

Right of Distribution

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Public Record of Ownership

Once someone gets the copyright, it is registered on a public record from where someone can check the ownership of the copyright.

Brings Uniqeness

Since copyright is a legal process and it is available on a public record, hence everything that goes for copyright has some uniqueness.

Transfer of Copyright

If the owner of the copyright wants to transfer it, there is a simple process to get it done. The ownership right can be passed from main owner to the next party.

Ensures Protection

Copyright registration allows you to protect your works. The owner gets complete rights and can use it in future without any fear.

Steps for Copyright Registration

Collect information & check
Check for existing Copyright
Get regular updates

Documents required for Copyright Registration

Personal Details:

  • Applicant’s Name, Address & Nationality.
  • Name, Address & Nationality of the author of the work.
  • Nature of Applicants in copyright – whether author or representative of the author
  • Owner’s ID Proof / Incorporation Certificate (in case of business)

Nature of Work:

  • Description of work & respective class.
  • Title of the work.
  • Language of work.
  • Publication Date

Documents :

  • 3 copies of your work
  • Authorisation letter (we provide you)

General Queries

What is the difference between Trademark & Copyright?

Trademark is done to protect logo, brand name or slogan while copyright is done to protect content like book, music, videos, songs, artistic works etc.

After copyright registration, Is my content fully safe?

Yes, once you get the copyright of your content, it is completely yours. You have full ownership over it. 

Is copyright applicable to mobile application?

The mobile application can not be copyrighted but the coding can be copyrighted which is considered as literary work.

After applying for copyright, is there any chances of getting it rejected?

Yes, if it matches with others then there is chances of getting it rejected.

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