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What is Due Diligence and Applications in Business Scenarios | Legalite Solutions

Due diligence can be applied to a variety of situations, although it is most commonly applied to commercial transactions (mainly mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, project finance, securitization, etc.). The extent of due diligence is often determined by the nature of the prospective transaction. It is not restricted to purchasers; sellers can also do due diligence […]

How To Get An Active Status For A Dormant Company.

The idea of a dormant company was not far-fetched hence is introduced in the companies act, of 2013. A dormant company indicates no transactions related to accounting in two years or whether it is established for an upcoming project in the future. Sometimes the dormant status of a company is used to hold valuable assets […]

Winding Up Companies Form STK-2

Winding Up Companies: Form STK-2

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has issued Form STK-2 for removing a company’s name from the register of corporations, often known as winding up. The MCA will make Form STK-2 accessible for filling on the MCA portal on April 5, 2017. This article delves into Form STK-2 in depth. The procedure ends the company’s […]

how to start a transport business in India

How To Start A Transport Business In India?

To begin and maintain a Transportation Business in India, you must first choose the form of transportation, such as personal transport, ambulance service, goods transportation, delivery service, public transportation, and others. Engaging in transportation is simple, but applying for a licence and other documentation to establish a Transportation Business becomes complicated. This article will explain […]

Changing The Name Of A Private Limited Company

Changing The Name Of A Private Limited Company

You have successfully established your company and started running it when you realise that your business name does not really work out. The reason for the change could be anything ranging from customer non-connection, lengthy names, astrological reasons, numerical reasons, or you would want to use the short form you registered the name. PROCEDURE FOR […]

Working Capital

What is Working Capital? A comprehensive guide.

You may not hear the word “working capital” every day, but it might be the secret to your company’s success. Working capital influences many parts of your organization, from paying staff and suppliers to keeping the lights on and preparing for long-term development that is sustainable. Working capital, in a nutshell, is the capital available […]

Liquor License

How To Obtain A Liquor License In India?

A Liquor License issued by a state’s excise department authorizes licensed people to make, distribute, and sell alcoholic drinks inside the state’s borders. From liquor shops to restaurants, every company that sells alcoholic drinks must register for a liquor license, whether online or in person. Even online alcohol sales in India require a liquor license. […]

Pasara License

How To Obtain a Pasara License?

INTRODUCTION: The world we live in today is one where many individuals are starting their own businesses or establishing their own establishments. This meteoric rise in the commercial space of small businesses has also resulted in the need for safety and protection. Security agencies are companies that focus on training and providing security services. Currently, there […]

how to open a recruitment agency

How to Open A Recruitment Agency?

INTRODUCTION: Recruitment Agency: Task The Need for a Recruitment Company The Dynamics: PROCESS FOR SETTING UP: 1. Company Establishment 2. Business Strategy 3. Registration for GST 4. Registration of a Trademark 5. Recruiting Agent (RA) Certification 6. Taxation: ESSENTIALS: Finances frequently determine how reasonable your plans are. As a result, we are going to share the […]

how to get arms license in India

How To Get Arms License In India.

INTRODUCTION: An arms license is an official document awarding a person the right to own and use a firearm, usually subject to certain restrictions.  The National Database of Arms Licenses-Arms License Issuance System (NDAL-ALIS) is a portal created by the Ministry of Home Affairs to assist business owners and businesses in license applications related to […]